Celia Kemp

Celia is a writer and theologian living in Central Australia with a passion for Scripture, lay monasticism, and a theology arising from place. She holds a pattern of ‘small circles close to the ground’ which includes morning prayer, bible studies and retreats, and leads Streams in the Desert; an emerging ecumenical Christian community. She is the author and photographer of Into the Desert, Deep calls to Deep and Songs from a Strange Land and the author of A Voice in the Wilderness: Listening to the Statement from the Heart.

She previously worked as the Reconciliation Coordinator for the Anglican Board of Mission. She graduated from Melbourne University with Honours in medicine and law. She has worked as Counsel Assisting the Coroner in Western Australia and as a Prosecutor and the Deputy Coroner in the Northern Territory. She was a member of the National Medical Health and Research Council and a Senior Research Fellow in the Centre for Health Policy, Programs and Economics at Melbourne University.

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streams in the desert, November 2021.